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Our Company:

Aircraft Technical Book Company is a small business in Tabernash, Colorado (1 1/2 hours northwest of Denver high in the Rocky Mountains). Our company began in 1997 publishing technical manuals for Vans Aircraft serving the educational needs of builders and pilots of the exceptional RV line of experimental aircraft. (Andrew Gold, president and founder of Aircraft Technical Book Company built and still flies an RV-6A.) Soon, the business expanded to serve builders of all types of experimental aircraft, then to professional aircraft maintenance technicians, then to pilots and student pilots ranging from Sport to ATP. Today we stock over 1000 titles by more than 75 publishers including many developed and published exclusively by us.

By our best estimate; we are today:

  • 1] the world's largest retailer for the Aviation Maintenance Technician
  • 2] the 2nd largest wholesaler to Aviation Maintenance colleges
  • 3] a top supplier for the aircraft homebuilding community
  • 4] one of the top suppliers to the pilot and flight training customers

We take customer service seriously.

Orders received by 3PM are shipped that same day (2PM for 2nd day & overnight). Backorders are extremely rare.

Our phones are answered personally by knowledgeable people who know our products, know aviation, and have the authority to make decisions to serve your needs. We do not use a voicemail or other unfriendly automated systems..

All orders are processed manually by knowledgeable people to catch discrepancies BEFORE they are sent.

We will NEVER put our administrative needs above the needs of our customers.

Prove it to yourself. Call us. Give us your best shot. There is a reason that Aircraft Technical Book Company is the fastest growing supplier of aviation educational material in the world.

Our Family of Catalogs:

Aircraft Technical Book Company today operates 27 product catalogs, many partnered with some of the best aviation organizations in the world. We are always seeking new relationships to share our technologies and to expand the reach of those authors and publishers who have entrusted us with their products: Those catalogs independently operated by us include:

ACtechBooks.comfor student and professional A&Ps and technicians
PilotsBooks.comfor pilots and flight instructors
BuildersBooks.comfor homebuilt and sport plane builders and pilots
AviationEbooks.comdownloadable eBooks and eVideos only
ACtechbooks.com/wholesalea private access catalog for schools and resellers
ACtechbooks.com/dtsa private access catalog for students
Pegasus Aero Productsour association with Amazon.com

Associate Programs

Aircraft Technical Book Company offers the following Associate options for aviation organizations, schools, and established resellers:

Associate Dealers (for organizations and publishers)

Aviation organizations and publishers now have the option of adding a complete aviation book catalog to their member and subscriber services and earn a new income stream. Aircraft Technical Book Company creates and manages a complete custom book catalog under your name, logos, and trade dress which you link to from your website and promote with your publications. We maintain all inventory, fullfill all orders, perform all site maintenance, and handle all customer support. Our system accepts customer payments, records your sales, and submits a report and commission payment each month. Associates showing 3 consecutive months with sales over $2000 qualify for a unique domain name; for example, www.AVwebBooks.com versus www.ACtechbooks.com/AVweb.

Some organizations with Associate sites include:

  • AVweb
  • AMT Magazine
  • Kitplanes Magazine
  • Director of Maintenance Magazine
  • Aircraft Technical Publishers
  • Vans Aircraft Inc.
  • Zenith Aircraft Company
  • Professional Flight Training

eBook Associate Dealers (for established aviation resellers)

This program is available to established resellers who currently sell books and would like to add the eBook option for their customers. The management of this program is offered with two options: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 eBook Associates: For type 1 eBook associates, we do all the work. We create and manage a custom eProduct only catalog with your logos and trade dress which you link to from your website and can promote in your off-line advertising. Our system accepts your customer payments, records your sales, and submits a report and commission payment each month. We perform all site maintenance, updates, and customer technical support.

Type 2 eBook Associates: Type 2 eBook associates do some of the on-line work but your eProduct sales will be significantly improved. Here, you install you own add-to-carts for each relevant product within your existing book catalog pages. Necessary information is sent to us and we transmit the eBook to your customer (within 20 minutes on business days). Advantages are maintaining a single set of book catalog pages, and all eSales are processed through your own shopping cart. Work involved is your initial adding of the new add-to-carts, modifying your website with updates as we send them, and sending us order information. Finances are handled with a report and invoice sent to you each month detailing the eBooks sent on your behalf.

Some Companies participating as eBook Associates include:

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty
  • PilotMall
  • SkyShop
  • Airguide Publishers
  • Total Training. UK

DTS - Direct To Student (for colleges & technical schools)

For educational institutions who would like an alternative to the traditional school bookstore; the DTS program provides a custom set of on-line pages for your school organized by class or program level DTS offers student discounts (5-10%), typically free shipping, and no state sales tax. DTS is a single one-stop source for your student's required and recommended kits plus offers an extensive catalog of additional titles for students to explore developing interests. Aircraft Technical Company vigorously supports participating schools including with student handouts explaining how to access the system.

Some schools in the DTS program include:

  • MetroState College - Denver, CO
  • DelMar College - Corpus Christie, TX
  • University of Alaska - Fairbanks, AK
  • Lake Superior College - Duluth, MN
  • Teterboro College - Teterboro, NJ
  • Tropicbird Aviation - Kona, HI


Aircraft Technical Book Company offers wholesale pricing to aviation schools, instructors, and resellers worldwide. An online wholesale catalog is provided to those who qualify via an assigned user name and password.

How to qualify:

Educational institutions qualify for wholesale pricing by placing an initial order of products meant for distribution to students. Once qualified additional orders for departmental, library, or individual faculty members are also offered at wholesale pricing. To maintain this status repeat orders for student distribution is requested at least once per year. Schools participating in our DTS (direct to student) program also qualified for wholesale pricing.

Individual Flight and Groundschool instructors qualify for wholesale pricing by placing a first order meant for a student (such as a training kit) or for distribution to a ground school class (multiple copies of the same books). Once qualified additional orders for personal use are also welcome. To maintain this status additional orders for student use is requested at least once per year.

Resellers and aviation dealers qualify for wholesale pricing by having a bona fide presence either as an aviation retailer or as an established distributor to aviation educational institutions.

Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

Aircraft Technical Book Company requires its dealers (those purchasing at wholesale and reselling to the general public) to observe Minimum Advertised Pricing in all public displays of its products not less than those retail prices displayed by Aircraft Technical Book Company at www.ACtechbooks.com Those failing to observe these standards will have wholesale privileges revoked.

Wholesale Returns

Returns from wholesale purchasers of unsold stock are welcome so long as the returned items are current editions and in new condition. Returns of unsold expired titles are also accepted during that publisher's allotted cover return period. Announcements of new revisions and cover return deadlines are made by us via email and are posted on the wholesale website.

Credit memos for returned items are applicable to current invoices and future purchases only. A 5% return fee may be applied to wholesale returns although it is typically waived when returns are a small percentage of the original order.

Authors & Publishers

We are always seeking quality books, videos, and educational products that would appeal to our customers. Authors interested in having Aircraft Technical Book Company sell, distribute, or publish their work should contact Andy Gold at 970 726-5111 or by email at agold@actechbooks.com. A principle condition of acceptance for new products is your permission to also sell in secured electronic format (eBook download and Flashdrive) and that distributor discounts offered to us are standard for our industry, recognizing that much of our business is wholesale to other resellers. For authors seeking a principle distributor or publisher, we offer a substantial sales network and the most author friendly terms in the business. Evaluation copies or manuscripts can be sent to:

  • Aircraft Technical Book Company
  • PO Box 270 or 72413 US Hwy 40
  • Tabernash, CO 80478

Our Crew:

Andrew Gold
marketing, business development, customer service
Nancy Gold
web management, eBooks, customer service and canine care
Rick Sly
purchasing, sales, customer service
Steve Bivins
shipping, receiving, customer service
Penny Cox
accounting/business/web management, personnel, customer service
Kelly Lutz
bookkeeping, admin assistance, ebooks, customer service
Craid Pollitt
international development
Steve Cooper
IT support
Thomas Forenz
author, project management
Mike Amrine
graphic editor

...and meet our canine crew: